Oracle Managed Services

We offer comprehensive database services that will ensure the security and stability of our customers business, even those with no IT department. Below you can find more details about our Oracle managed services.

  1. Client order Team Member FTE at Contract sign-off time.
  2. Price is for Team Member FTE ordered even if not used
  3. Number of Team Member FTE needed is estimated by Provider based on:
  • Estimated Number of Business Change Requests in quotation period
  • Level of Business Change Request

4. Provider responsibility in Managed Service model:

  • Release Management and Project Managemen
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management and Task management tools are chosen and used by Provider
  • Technical Design
  • Team Management (including new Team members assignment)
  • Estimation of development tasks
  • Resolution of development tasks
  • Unit test of delivered solution and peer review of source code
  • SQA testing

5. Client responsibility:

  • Business level tests definition
  • UAT is performed by Client