svnAPEX: APEX SVN extension

Unique solution that integrates Oracle APEX Builder and SVN

We are pleased to introduce you to the APEX Version Control solution. svnAPEX is Application Builder Extension for Oracle APEX developed by Database Consulting. This tool will significantly improve your experience with APEX development. Manage your APEX source code with industry standard approach and best practices. Revert pages, view log history, commit your changes to SVN directly from APEX App Builder. Finally the proper way of code management is available in Oracle APEX.

Main Features:

  • Co-operate with SVN without command line usage
  • Multiple Developers can work in parallel on the same application stored in SVN repository
  • Commit page, view page SVN history, review page status directly from APEX App Builder
  • Commit entire application with one command
  • View local and remote source code status
  • svnAPEX splits code to multiple files and store them separately in Subversion repository
  • Revert single page or entire application to previous versions
  • Lock and unlock single page in SVN repository

svnAPEX: App Builder extension for SVN connectivity