APEX 19c in the Cloud

With Cloud usage you can avoid installation and  configuration of Oracle Database and APEX software stack but rather focus on its usage for your business needs. Whenever you want just to try the newest APEX for only one hour or you need hundreds of APEX instances for months – yes you can!

An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is an easy way to run your private, dedicated APEX instances in the Amazon Cloud with total control. If you want to use scalability, security and flexibility of the Amazon Web Services – you can therefore use our pre-installed,
pre-configured and highly secured virtual machine templates. It has all you need: OS, dedicated Oracle database instance, APEX and ORDS with Apache Tomcat. You can even order hundreds of instances in more than 20 regions around the World
(including Ireland, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Stockholm). Each APEX instance can be ready for you in less than 10 minutes.

Our APEX products in the AWS

Oracle APEX bundled with database in single AMI – details

  • Oracle Application Express 19c Oracle Database 19c production-ready: pre-installed and pre-configured by top specialists from Database Consulting
  • Secured by database log archived mode, automated daily backup and SELinux enabled
  • Optimized by usage of nginx with Tomcat and by optimal database and ORDS configuration
  • Ready for you in minutes
  • Dedicated Database Instance
  • Access to SYS and root account
  • Connection from external clients (SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, TOAD etc.) without any problem
  • Pay As You Go – you can order APEX instance only for one hour
  • Support service available

All of above and much more…

See all benefits on Oracle APEX 19c AWS marketplace page. If you are interested in APEX in the Cloud – check Oracle APEX 18c AWS marketplace page

Make sure that you also checked APEX hosting page

Go with APEX to the Cloud – detailed instruction

Oracle APEX in the Amazon Cloud in 6 minutes
  1. Create Amazon Web Services account if you don’t have one or login to AWS
  2. Go to APEX 19c AWS Marketplace page
  3. Choose Click “Continue to Subscribe”
  4. Review and accept terms and conditions by clicking “Accept terms” button
  5. Click “Continue to Configuration” when button become active
  6. Choose Region where your APEX instance will be placed and click “Continue to Launch”
  7. Choose Action “Launch through EC2” and click “Launch”
  8. Choose any EC2 Instance Type you want. Default machine type has 4 GiB and 2 vCores
  9. Click “Next: Configure Instance Details”
  10. Click “Next: Add Storage”
  11. Enter number of disk size in GiB (default is 25 GiB) for example 40 GiB and click “Next: Add Tags”
  12. Click “Next: Configure Security Group”
  13. Note that port 80 (for APEX) and 22 (for SSH) on instance will be open
  14. Click “Review and Launch”
  15. Click “Launch”
  16. Create new and download or choose existing key pair (it can be used later to login to machine command line) and click “Launch Instances”
  17. Click on Instance-ID (i-<random-string>) and review “IPv4 Public IP”
  18. Wait 4 minutes to make sure that your instance is created and initialized
  19. Go with your browser to http://<your-instance-ip-address>/ and click “Administration”
  20. Default user (for APEX 19c) is ADMIN and password is <your-instance-ID>X (AWS Instance ID with capital X letter added at the end)