Add Office reporting feature to your APEX application

Why use APEX.report?

APEX.report allows you to easily generate Excel files based on XLSX template files and data returned by SQL query.

This unique solution on the market gives you the possibility to edit template files using an Excel application (e.g. to apply formatting and computations) and provide a query that fills this template during runtime XLSX generation. Query can have bind variables (parameters) that allow you to reference APEX session variables.

How it works?

  1. Create a template in the MS Excel
    No special tool or XML knowledge is needed to prepare templates. Anyone who knows Excel is able to generate XLSX templates.
  2. Prepare SQL statement
    just enter SQL statement that fills your XLSX template and you are ready to go.
  3. Upload template to the APEX application or use predefined one
    Template has been filled with data from the data source and as a result we get a file in .xlsx format

How to install it?

  1. Just load plugin file to your application from Application Builder. No SYS, Instance admin nor shell access is needed! 
  2. Compile PL/SQL package

You are ready to use!

Main functions/ features:

  • you can easily export data to .xlsx file
  • SQL query or function returning SQL as a data source
  • data export based on dynamic SQL
  • dynamically created set of result columns
  • you can pass parameters to SQL query
  • you can present data using the chart in your template
  • you can easily and flexibly create and use of templates using Microsoft Office Excel
  • support two results set in the same xlsx
  • you can hide any sheets in template (for example hide sheets with source data or not applicable sheets in report)
  • further customization using page item substitution

Usage examples:

Sample application using APEX.report:

Sample application using APEX.report

Data from: https://www.kaggle.com/jingbinxu/sample-of-car-data

Report and dynamic chart:

Charts can be dynamically adjusted and resized by plugin to match number of columns.

Data from: https://www.kaggle.com/jingbinxu/sample-of-car-data

Licencing and pricing:

  • 1500 euro – one time licence fee for two APEX instances (includes email support and free software updates for 1 Year).
  • Optional: 20% maintenance and support fee per year starting from second year (includes email support and free software updates).

In case of any questions please contact us!