Oracle Forms & Reports

Oracle Forms & Reports application in-house?

For many years Oracle Forms and Reports have been chosen as the best tools and used as a platform to build Oracle Database-centric applications and systems crucial for most of the Companies with Oracle.

Many of these systems are dozens of years old and at the moment of its creation Forms & Reports were the only reasonable solution. Even now ease of database application creation, given by these tools, is not so common.

Years later many of these core systems are still up and running. They are often irreplaceable and essential for the most important business processes.

We built these kind of systems in the past and we have many years of experience in Oracle Forms and Reports. Currently we offer support and care for our Customers using Forms & Reports technology.

  • unique Know-how difficult to find on today’s market
  • Forms and Reports application maintenance
  • further development of Forms-based Applications
  • migration of Forms Applications to newest Oracle Forms Version 12c
  • modernization of Oracle Forms surface
  • Forms installation under Windows or Unix system
    Oracle Forms
  • application optimalization
  • Oracle Forms integration with Oracle APEX technology