Forms to APEX Migration

Our experienced team in both APEX and Forms is able to perform migration of your current database solution, written in Forms 6i, 9i or any newer Forms version, to Oracle Application Express.

You can migrate from Forms to Oracle APEX to:

  • Reduce license costs by moving from paid Forms to free APEX
  • Leave outdated solutions that are hard to support and costly do develop
  • Use the newest technologies and advanced Oracle APEX components
  • Integrate your application with your other web applications

What we do:

  • We plan entire migration for you
  • We develop complete migrated system
  • We rewrite your current business processes from Forms to APEX
  • We map old Forms components solutions to APEX equivalent when it is possible
  • We utilize the newest APEX capabilities to improve your system

Why Database Consulting:

  • We have many years of experience in Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle APEX application development
  • We are focused on Oracle technology
  • We are highly focused on conforming your needs
  • We take care of all aspects of entire migration process