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Our team is very much comprised of a creative and forward-thinking experts in Oracle technology, specialised in APEX, Forms and Data Warehousing. We subsequently provide services in the following fields of expertise: developers, analytical teams, administrators, tuning experts, project management teams etc. Furthermore, we also offer comprehensive database Managed Services that will ensure the security and stability of our clients business.

Database Consulting was founded in 2009 as an Oracle Database specialised education centre with in-house developed trainings and workshops. We were an Oracle Approved Educational Centre between 2015 and 2020. Now we are focused on providing highly-specialised services coupled with tailor made consulting to meet our client’s needs. We have previously cooperated with Swiss, German and Polish: banks, healthcare companies, insurance, re-insurance companies, retailers and government institutions.

Database Consulting is a Snowflake Solution Partner. Snowflake Solutions Partners provide customers with trusted and validated experts who can accelerate and maximize the benefits of Snowflake

We can most assuredly say that Database Consulting offers a very core base of experienced  experts who care about  their clients  throughout  Europe, helping and assisting them to succeed through innovative  technology.


Rafał Stryjek
Board Member / Senior Oracle Expert

Przemysław Kantyka
Board Member / Senior Oracle Expert

Andrzej Lenart
Senior Oracle PM / Analytic